Adopt a Child

What is ACE:

ACE is a TANA Foundation Project to help the academically good but economically poor students in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana to pursue higher education. A child completing SSC from a Government High School is ‘adopted’ and assisted through an annual scholarship program to pursue higher education till completion of undergraduate education in any branch. An ACE scholar will also be assisted till completion of technical education, non-professional education up to post-graduate level or professional education up to graduate level.

Eligibility Criteria: Students passing SSC from government schools with 80% or more and joining government or aided junior and technical colleges are eligible to be ACE scholars. No assistance is offered to students going to private educational institutions. They should also continue to excel in academic performance on a regular basis for renewal of the scholarship.

History and Success of the Project: ACE was started in 2003 by Tana Foundation with a sponsorship of 50 scholars in 2003-04. The Project is administered by Tana Foundation in partnership with BREAD (Basic Research and Development), Hyderabad. BREAD is a non-profit institution dedicating its efforts to help needy students in their higher education. In the previous year, we have sponsored 115 students through the kind contributions of our community members.

Sponsorship: Students can be sponsored through small donations to Tana Foundation for a certain type of academic course.

  • General Graduate Program $ US 500
  • Polytechnic or other Technical Program $ US 250
  • Engineering Graduate Program $ US 1000
  • Medical Graduate Program $ US 1000

Tana Foundation has set a target of 200 ACE scholars for every year. We are requesting the community to contribute to the future of some bright and poor students through ACE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Project Coordinator, Mr. Prasad Kakarala or or any of the officers of the Foundation.

List of Donors for 2006:

Dr. Sarat B Kondapaneni
Dr. Prasad Kakarala
Mr. Raymond Bergdolt
Mr. Mark Dyment
North Oakland Medical Staff
Mr. James J Sloan
Mr. Marwood Frank
Mr. Steven Socha
Mr. Prabhakar Choudhary Kakarala
Mr. Harish Kakarala
Dr. Hanumaiah Bandla
Dr. Sarat B. Kuchipudi
Banner Engineering and Sales.