Roles and Responsibilities

1.Agricultural forum:

With the wealth of knowledge that the Telugu professionals have here in this country in the field of Agriculture should be used to come up with activities, seminars and possible research in our Mother land. The main idea is to pass on the wealth of knowledge, expertise and anything that can revolutionize the Agriculture in our rural areas in Telugu speaking states.

2.Career Assistance:

Setting up Seminars, Webinars that would help in advancing one's career. Specially targeting the Master students to guide them by offering different avenues with information on how to be more marketable and be prepare to settle in their preferred careers and providing TANA members with any information regarding Job fairs etc. through newsletters and other communication media.


The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to help foster and promote a friendly, welcoming, and caring community within TANA events and to reach out to anyone interested in attending TANA Events here in the USA and India. Responsibilities include welcoming the new comers to this country and offering any help, be it a student or a visitor and taking care of them with in our scope.


For all the TANA events conducted in North America and Events during Chaitanya Sravanthi in India coming up with a comprehensive plan for the TANA Leadership to travel to the venue. Also includes planning and presenting efficient and cost effective Transportation plan and ways.

5.Community Services:

Organizing Community Service events throughout North America and working hand in hand with TANA Community Service Coordinator to promote, organize, coordinate and execute TANA CARES events throughout North America.

6.Corporate Grants & Matching:

Preparing a comprehensive list of all the Corporate Companies that offer Matching program to their employees and making sure to register TANA as one of the recipient Organization that receives matching fund through one of its employees(TANA Member). Once the complete list is ready sharing with the Leadership. Also handling any questions regarding any matching donations for all the events conducted in North America including the Biennial conference.

7.Visitor Services:

Mainly focusing on Visitors(could be parents and tourists) and giving a helping hand for their needs and guiding them on all questions and not limited to like insurance needs, Travel suggestions and other networking needs during their stay in North America.

8.Global Science fair:

Promoting activities that cater to students here in the United states and in India regarding science field. This could include conducting Seminars, Webinars and also conducting science fair competitions here and in India.

9.Health Care Services:

Creating awareness among the Telugu community regarding how to maintain good health and also emphasis on nutrition. Promoting awareness by conducting Health and Nutrition seminars all over the United states. Also directing any calls that TANA gets regarding any ill health for the visiting parents/Visitors to appropriate doctors network that volunteer for TANA.

10.Sports and Games:

Promoting the need of Sports and Games in our daily life by conducting TANA Sports competitions across the United states in all the Regions of TANA and also conducting inter regions competitions that leads up to finals and Winners. Sports include both indoor and outdoor games.

11.Publiic relations:

Create awareness of TANA activities and projects among members, media, and the community. This includes all the TANA events that are Organized here in the United states and in India. Acting as liaison between TANA Members and activities and working towards reaching the programs and activities to the members.

12.Seminars and Webinars:

Facilitating Seminars and Webinars to all the TANA members and working closely with all the TANA Committees to render help for Organizing any and all help to conduct seminars and Webinars.

13.Youth Services:

Designing and conducting programs that encourages youth participation with assessing and accomplishing their educational and career goals as well as fulfilling their personal potential.

Some of the events include:

  • Certification Training
  • Work Experience Opportunities
  • Employment Assistance
  • Like Skills Workshops
  • Mentoring Services
  • Paid/Unpaid Work Experience
  • Tutoring/ Study Skills Assistance
  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • Leadership Development



14.Special events:

Committee Chair and co chairs help any TANA events that the executive committee ,Foundation or Board comes up.


Backpack program has been initiated by TANA several years ago to give back to the community where we live in. To be precise this is a service initiative of “giving back to the community".

Backpack Coordinator will work with all the regional coordinators and facilitate the purchase of needy back packs if needed for a reasonable price by getting quotes from different vendors. The Back pack program normally should happen during the school opening times after summer break. Back pack coordinator also helps regional coordinators if needed to identify the schools in their respective area where needy kids are present. It is recommended to also see if we can stuff the backpack with necessary school supplies as needed. Regional coordinators should try to organize as many events as possible in their regions and take the help of Backpack coordinator and financial expense should be the responsibility of Regional coordinator. However Backpack coordinator can also help to find national sponsors or local sponsors on voluntary basis.


Conduct contests in Telugu writing like novels, short stories and poetry in North America and India, encouraging literary enthusiasts and publishing corresponding information for general public.

17. Entrepreneurship:

Designing and Organizing programs, webinars, seminars, workshops etc that will help budding Entrepreneurs and also for the community interested to become future Entrepreneurs. The programs include facilitating Forums where successful Entrepreneurs share their valuable experience and guide the aspirants.

18. Telugu Language promotion:

Designing programs that promote, propagate, preserve our Telugu language. Mother tongue has a very powerful impact in the formation of an individual. It plays important role in shaping one’s thoughts and emotions. “Mother tongue is an indicator of cultural identity,”. Especially targeting next generation so that we will continue our Telugu pride and Legacy.


19.Social Media:

Carrying out the social media strategy for the organization. Bring ideas and creative energy to the Organization, and implement strategies as assigned, including engaging with the organization on social media platforms, promoting the social media accounts of the organization and inviting others to become involved. Bringing in innovative thoughts of social media Strategy.

20.TANA Archives:

Collect, preserve, and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our Organization since its inception. It is by the collection and sharing of these important historical elements like data, Pictures, Articles and any other valuables from past and also should work with Leadership as they need in showcasing the collections.

21.Business development:

Coordinate with business leaders in the community in developing a venture capital environment where members who have ideas to convert to business will get support and guidance from the business community who have gone through similar experiences.

22. Cinematography & Movies:

Coming with new and innovative ideas for making short videos and publicity material for TANA Related activities like TEAM Square, TANA Foundation, TANA Cares etc and also for individual events that TANA Organizes in all regions. Also identifying ways to enrich and provide training(could be seminars and webinars etc) and workshops for interested youth in the creative field.


Coming up with Innovative ideas of how to increase TANA’s reach and how to take the programs and activities organized by TANA to its Members and Telugu community. Some examples include pamphlets distribution in India during chaitanya sravanthi time regarding TANA Initiatives and charities, Helping and aiding with info for TANA Newsletters etc. Coming with innovative ideas and doing the feasibility study for Stamps(USPS) with TANA Initiatives like TEAM Square, Foundation and TANA Cares etc..


The marketing committee efforts for TANA is to work to raise needed revenue for continued operations and to raise donations for a particular cause. TANA’s marketing committee develops strategies on how to communicate a not-for-profit's message to potential donors and to generate interest in the causes it represents. Marketing committees may use a range of methods to get the word out, some of which include press releases, radio announcements, billboards and direct mail campaigns. An organization's available assets and resources affect a marketing committee's choices and decisions when developing a marketing strategy.

25. Business forum:

•Develop a theme for the business forum. Publish a directory “Who’s who“ of all Business men and Entrepreneurs in the Telugu community with their brief profile for the business publication. Solicit ads for the business publication. Arrange sessions for business networking for Telugu community.

26. TANA Office Administration:

Looking after all the administrative tasks of TANA Office in Michigan and tasks include to keep track of all the communications, Postal, Checks and other things as needed for TANA office.

27. Immigration and legal Services:

Arranging seminars and webinars on Immigration related topics that affect our Telugu community and Immigrants. Any legal advice regarding Immigration issues and questions.

28. Special Projects:

Working on any special projects that Executive committee comes up with which are not part of EC and these special projects could here in the United states and in Andhra and Telangana.

29. Volunteering:

Providing Volunteering efforts for all the events that TANA Organizes here in United states and in Andhra and Telangana.

30. History:

History Committee is to collect, compile, organize, and maintain data, records, information regarding organization from the inception. For this the committee needs to get in touch with all the past office bearers to collect the required information and should furnish as requested by EC.

31. Internships:

An internship committee offers an exciting opportunity for college students, graduate students or recent graduates to gain first-hand experience where ever the opportunity arises. For this the committee should be in touch with Entrepreneurs and create a network which will generate opportunities for recent graduates looking for some placement.

32. Government Grants:

Working on compiled lists of all of the available funding programs from all levels of government for nonprofit organizations and also working towards registering for those grants by providing all the necessary data to support the registration and thus driving the process of obtaining those grants.

33. Audit Committee:

Responsibilities include overseeing the financial reporting and disclosure process. Monitoring choice of accounting policies and principles. 

34. Diversity:

 Will lead efforts to build and maintain an inclusive environment where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued. Identify and recommend to EC ways to build a more inclusive and diverse organization.

35: Education & Workforce:

Identify various opportunities for scholarships, research opportunities and other informational material that will support students in getting better opportunities and also help graduates and new entrants into the job market which will help in promoting professional development.

36.Employment gateway:

Committee should organize Trainings, Seminars, Webinars on courses that will help graduates and people looking for employment. This included efforts to reach out to people who are already working and proficient in the areas where committee sees a need for employment opportunity and motivating and requesting such experts to part their knowledge by conducting workshops, trrainings in class as well as through online.

37. Franchise & Business:

Create an avenue where members interested in business can be given guidance in starting new business or explore various franchise opportunities.

38: Fund Raising:

Helping the Executive committee to raise funds for any TANA event in North America and in Andhra and Telangana and also reaching out to sponsor and motivating them to be a part of the TANA events.

39. Academic affairs:

Research and coming up with a compiled list of all the accredited universities all over the United states which can be recommended to students coming from our Telugu states. However care has to be taken while recommending so that TANA does not have any liability for any future outcome of those universities. This committee will try to help answer the questions and concerns of new students but should strictly stick to TANA’s scope determined by EC.

40. IT Services:

Developing network with all the IT companies and compiling the opportunities they have and passing these to the required students, Job aspirants and also working with EC to advertise these vacancies so that TANA members will be benefited.

41. Matrimonial Services:

Providing networking opportunities for Telugu people in United states for alliances by seeking advertisements for TANA Patrika and website and also arranging platform during the TANA conferences.

42. Membership Services:

The purpose of this Committee is to focus on communicating and educating both current and prospective members on the programs and benefits that TANA has to offer, creating new programs that are in line with the needs of members.

43. Patrika Advertisements:

Reaching out to members and local and national sponsors for advertisements in TANA Patrika to generate revenue for digital and print Patrika.

44. Science & Technology:

Designing Webinars, Seminars etc that includes latest trends in Science and Technology and also promoting programs that appeal to students in the North America,Andhra and Telangana to participate in programs related to Science and Technology that TANA offers.

45. Social service:

Working close to Community Service coordinator to promote TANA Cares activities and other Service activities that TANA organizes.

46. Spiritual:

Organizing programs that promote Spiritual awareness among the Telugu community here in the North America and in Andhra and Telangana.

47. Sponsorship & Ads:

Working to get sponsorships for TANA events and also working with EC for any other sponsorships that TANA requires to promote its activities.

48. Technology & Training:

Conducting Training workshops, Seminars and webinars regarding latest trends in Technology that helps students and others looking for Jobs.

49. Technology Transfer:

This committee will coordinate the transition of the technology information(like website management, social media etc. ) that is being used for TANA. They will act as a bridge between the existing and incoming teams and help with the seamless transition so that there is no gap in the planning and implementation of all TANA related technology platforms.

50. Telugu Students exchange:

Based on the concept of foreign student exchange, this committee will work to facilitate students to find host families in North America and India to arrange for the students to stay and experience life of either side of the world.


51. Visitors Insurance:

Compilation of all the insurance providers for Visitors in the USA and also preparing a detailed report that gives guidance to opt for better ones available.

52. Web Advertisements:

Working to narrow down the strategies to promote TANA events through different web sources. Also to seek advertisements for TANA Web to generate revenue.

53. Womens forum:

Women's Forum Organizes programs that are related to Women’s empowerment, personality development, entertainment, create awareness of social issues and promote activities that involves more women in TANA and its activities.

54. Youth Programs:

Organize, promote programs that involve Youth and thus increasing youth base to TANA who are our heritage.

55. Scholarships:

Announcing new scholarships in addition to current scholarships we award from TANA Foundation. For this identifying new areas of awarding scholarships according to current needs to encourage Telugu community in different fields here in North America and in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Also working with EC to raise the necessary funds for these identified scholarships.

56. NRI Student Services:

Being main contact for all students issues and needs and serving as liaison between Students and Govt to voice out their problems, advising them at needy times and guiding them with appropriate solutions at needy times and especially when they face any issues during their course of education.

57. Web:

Taking care of all the TANA Website needs and maintaining according to requirements of TANA EC.

58. TANA Cruise :

To organize a TANA Cruise with its members. For this the committee needs to study the proper time, port of cruise boarding and length and all the logistics to organize a cruise trip for TANA Members. Need to work closely with EC to promote the cruise once the plan is finalized and also responsible for execution till the end and should take the help and directives of EC as needed.


59. Building Committee:

To construct/Purchase a permanent building for TANA which was one of the goals for a long time. The committee needs to work on the viable plan that includes place, raising funds and promoting events exclusively to raise funds towards this project.

60. Overseas Coordination:

Coordinating all the events outside of North America for all the transportation, shipping needs, Organizing the events and also coordinating with India coordinator for any events that are organized outside  of United states and providing any logistical help as required.

61. Venue:

Finalizing the venues for all the events that TANA Organizes. Also responsible for providing the event coordinators with liability insurance by coordinating with treasurer.

62. Event Coordination:

Offering help in coordinating different logistics of the events as directed by EC.

63. Registration:

Helping with the event registration process for any TANA events are directed by EC. This committee is not related to convention Registration committee.

64. Alumni:

Facilitating for college/School reunions in the TANA events. Serving as main point of contact for reunions. This committee is not related to convention Alumni committee.

65. Electronic Media Relations:

Ensures that the TANA  members receives, through our web page and Face Book media, Newsletters of all TANA Programs and updates.

66.Press relations:

Developing and compiling press contacts and being a source of help for press coverage for the all the TANA Events. For this being in touch with the Executive committee and keeping track of the events and ensuring that the events are covered in all the mediums of press.

67. IT Business Issues:

Helping community and business people for any issues that are related to Information technology however needs to be mindful of the scope. Need to work as directed by EC.


68. Children education:

Organizing programs, seminars, webinars, conducting competitions etc that will promote children education. Coming up with innovative ideas to promote children education.

69. Curie Competitions:

Organizing TANA Curie Competitions that include but not limited to TANA Math Bowl, TANA Spell Master, TANA Science Bowl etc in all the regions and finally conducting one mega finals at Curie Headquarter Virginia.

70. Women’s Entrepreneurship:

Organizing programs that are helpful and that promote women to become successful Entrepreneurs and to also working on the challenges that are faced by  women entrepreneurs and coming up with strategies to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem for more women.

71. Membership Directory:

Maintaining the TANA Membership directory up to date as directed by EC.

72. Quiz Competitions:

Organizing quiz competitions in areas that cater to children and adults in any popular fields throughout North America. Closely working with Regional representatives for logistical help in their regions.

73. Health Fairs:

Working with Regional Representatives to Organize Health fairs in their respective regions and providing necessary logistical help for them as needed.

74. Senior Citizen Services:

Addressing any senior citizen issues, concerns that are reported to TANA seeking help. Also directing them to proper resources and organizations that deal with senior citizens for example

75. Debate Competitions:

Organizing Debate competitions in areas that cater to children and adults in any popular fields throughout North America.Closely working with Regional representatives for logistical help in their regions.

76. Health & Nutrition Seminars and Webinars:

Organizing Programs, Workshops, Seminars, webinars on Health and Nutrition by working closely with Regional representatives.


77.TANA Cares:

Organizing any/all/some events that are listed in the TANA CARES document shared to all the leadership and committees. Depending up on local logistics it may be easier to organize some events. We can organize these events in association with local Telugu associations. Focus is mainly on Bone Marrow drives, Blood drives and CPR Training workshops. Need to work closely with TANA Community Service coordinator and Regional representatives to Organize these events.

78.Dhim TANA:

Organizing Dhim TANA Competitions before the Bi annual conference in their respective area working closely with Regional Representatives an EC.


Working to start Patasala centers that will help our Telugu children to learn our Mother tongue and be certified in the process. Working closely with Regional Representatives to increase the Patasala centers.


Working closely with Cultural coordinator/Kalasala chair and team to increase the participation of students from the respective regions and working to get the program to the Telugu community as closely as possible to increase the participant count.

81.TANA Patrika:

Responsible for delivering Periodical Print/Electronic version as directed by EC. Responsibilities include collecting the details of all the TANA Activities organized in the United states and Telugu states and making sure they are appropriately covered in Patrika.

82.Bylaws review:

Compiling the voice of the leadership and TANA Members on the proposed Bylaw changes and presenting to the EC/Boars/Foundation for review and approval.

83. TANA Investments Committee:

Brainstorming and presenting different investment options for TANA BOD and Foundation and any funds that TANA wants to invest for future. Working closely with financial experts for different options and compiling a report on pros and cons of each suggestion and option and presenting to the Leadership for review and approval.