School Libraries

Project Type: Regular

Donate $300

/Per Primary School

Project Description

About the Project:

Book Reading enriches children with information and knowledge and has a huge impact in shaping their minds. However, Children in most of the government schools in India do not have access to books even if they want to read and gain knowledge. TANA Foundation understands this gap and would like to help kids discover and experience the joy of reading.

The amount you donate towards this project will help us distribute a wide range of books to your selected primary school or a high school. We partner with students, school staff on a regular basis by conducting competitions, distributing prizes to encourage book reading.

Our goal is to have a library set up in every government school in the Telugu States both Andhra and Telangana that will encourage life-long learning and the pursuit of knowledge. If you like to contribute to this cause and set up a library in your primary/high school - Please reach out to one of our TANA Foundation Library Project Coordinators. Our team will take care of the rest for you.

Donation Options:

Book distribution to Library, Competition, and Prizes   Primary school  -  $300.00
Book distribution to Library, Competition, and Prizes   High School       -  $400.00

While donating please mention the school’s name so that we can direct the funds towards a specific school library. All donors are notified and recognized for their contributions appropriately. Please join us and be part of this great initiative!

Satish Chundru
Libraries Project Co-Ordinator
Ph#: +1 (717) 418-8324

Ramana Anne
Libraries Project Co-Ordinator
Ph#: +1 (704) 245-3891