Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu

2023 to 2025

Year Leadership / Committee Designation Region
2023 to 2025 Board of Directors Past President(Ex Officio)
Executive Committee Past President
2021 to 2023 Executive Committee President
Board of Directors Ex-Officio Member (President,EC)
Foundation Ex-Officio Member (President)
2019 to 2021 Board of Directors Ex-Officio Member ( Executive Vice President, EC)
Executive Committee Executive Vice President
2017 to 2019 Executive Committee Secretary
Board of Directors Director, BoD - Ex Officio - Secretary
2015 to 2017 Executive Committee Community Services Coordinator
National Adhoc(TANA Team Square) Co-Chairperson
2013 to 2015 Executive Committee Joint Treasurer
National Adhoc(TANA Team Square) TEAM Square
2011 to 2013 National Adhoc(Team Square) Team Square