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As you all know, the second wave of Covid is impacting almost every one's life/livelihood in India. Most people are getting help however there are some communities that are ignored. TANA is taking 3 Projects to help such underrepresented communities in AP and Telangana in association with TAROCK FOUNDATION, BATTINENI CHARITABLE TRUST, Socio Story and Don’t waste food. The Goal is raise funds up to $10000 and requesting everyone to donate whatever the amount you can if possible, for this noble cause. The progress of all these projects will be updated in every step.


1) Help Sanitation workers - In association with Tarock Foundation in Rajahmundry, AP (https://www.facebook.com/TarockJohnny)  

This project is to help & support Sanitation workers in Rajahmundry. We cant help all, therefore, chose to help the 375 Richsaw pullers, who are essential to maintaining cleanliness in the city by collecting the trash on a daily basis. During this covid wave, they are the most ignored and their bare minimum salary does not help either. The Goal is to conduct Covid test for them; and provide Oximeters, covid medical kits and Healthy meal during recovery should they be tested positive.

The Budget for this project is $3000 to $5000 depending on the number of infections.


2) Help Transgenders - In association with Socio Story (https://www.sociostory.org/) and Tarock Foundation in Visakhapatnam, AP.

Having witnessed a few people from the Trans community starve to death and the others striving to make ends meet, we wanted to change that. Yes, people from the Trans community have died of hunger and a few of them have given up their life, unable to meet their daily expenses, thanks to Covid- the dreaded virus. We urge, all our friends, well-wishers, acquaintances to please support this project to provide temporary help for Trans community in Visakhapatnam, AP. The Budget is $1000 to $2000.


3) Help in providing Food to Covid Patients - In association with Battineni Charitable Trust and in coordination with Don’t waste food. 

Covid wards set up to emergency cases at DurgaBai Deshmukh hospital Nallakunta and another one in Tirumala Maternity and Nursing home Sithafalmandi Hyderabad. This covers the food expenses and some of the medicines for poor Covid patients. The Budget is $1000.


4) Help in providing Medicines to Covid Patients - In association with Tarock Foundation in Rural Areas of Rajahmundry

This project is to provide the Covid Medical kits to at least 300 Covid patients and also test up to 100 people who cannot afford Covid test in the rural areas near Rajahmundry, which are most effected by the second wave. The budget is $1000 to $2000.

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