TANA Curie Competitions

TANA in association with Curie Learning conducting  Curie-TANA regional competitions online. We will be running the competitions virtually on Monday August 3rd. The most awaited contest for the students to develop healthy competitive spirit and showcase their academic talent. Give your child an opportunity to participate in Curie-TANA Math, Science and Coding Challenge. The kids who have registered already are good go to take the test on August 3rd. Students who miss the opportunity can register now thru July 25th.
The students Who are qualified in regionals will be moved to participate in Nationals and National competitions will be held on August 23rd. 
To take a sneak peak on how online test works, please check at http://www.a4ace.com/
There are two samples on the main page and if they register they can take TJHSST free test and see how it works( This needs an account on the site which is free).

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Posted By: Tana Posted On: Aug 02,2020