How to Become a Member?

There are two ways of becoming a member of TANA:
  • TANA membership is limited to people of Telugu origin living only in North America.
  • By directly joining TANA as a life member. Life members pay one-time dues of US $125 (singly or for a family). The dues collected from life-members will go into a fund and the interest from that fund is used for operational expenses.
Membership Type Membership Fee





TANA reserves the right to verify the information provided by seeking additional identity documentation. In accordance with and without limitation to TANA bylaws, If TANA determines, in its sole discretion, that any individual on this application no longer subscribes to the objectives of TANA or that false or misleading information was provided, TANA may reject this application or cancel the membership of any or all persons listed in this application form. In any case, membership fees are non-refundable. If you are paying by credit card, the TANA applicant must be the card holder. If you are paying by personal check, the TANA applicant must be the account holder. Please check our Bylaws for membership rights and benefits. No cash, Money Orders or Cashiers checks are accepted.

Member Consent & Signature: At least one signature is required. Signature is optional if joining online. TANA applicant must be the credit card holder.  
To become a member:   
Membership form is also available  here:

Please download the membership application form, fill and, mail along with the payment to the treasure's address listed in the form.