Scholarships in India

Scholarships in Andhra Pradesh

TANA Foundation has set up an endowment to award scholarships to financially disadvantaged but meritorious students, who would like to pursue higher education and overcome their poverty.  This endowment covers about 8 scholarships based up on the current returns.  However, Foundation wishes to give many more scholarships and is trying to find sponsors who wish to participate in this project.  Each scholarship will be for US$225 and a request for commitment for four years at least.  Each scholarship recipient will be directly connected with his/her sponsor so that sponsor can monitor the student’s progress and mentor.

Meritorious students are selected from low income families that make less than ₹ 65,000 per year and do not belong to any reservation category and as such do not receive any financial support from the Government. According to the current policy in Andhra Pradesh the Government reimburses tuition fee for professional studies for these students. However there are many left behind without any support.

Though the Government reimburses their tuition fees, their economic background challenges them in finding resources for books and other living expenses.  TANA Foundation gives such aspiring, estimable students a scholarship of ₹12,000 per annum until they complete their professional degrees such as Engineering etc.  Each student has to maintain good grades for renewing their scholarship for the following year.

For the year 2012, TANA Foundation awarded 50 scholarships.  For 2013 we wish to give 100 scholarships (50 Renewal + 50 New) and as more donors come forward to increase the number in the near future.
There can be no better gift to a less fortunate person other than good education, which will not only uplift that person in life but also an entire family.  TANA Foundation requests everyone to come forward and sponsor at least one student.

S.No Name of the Student Degree Course
1 Thumu Ramakrishna Engineering 2 Year
2 Somu Gowtham Reddy Engineering 2 Year
3 Singareddy Jagadish Engineering 2 Year
4 Vemula Gouthami Engineering 2 Year
5 Sheri Shirisha Engineering 2 Year
6 Undralla Thanuja Engineering 2 Year
7 Mudunuru Syamala Engineering 2 Year
8 Cheetirala Rajyalakshmi Engineering 2 Year
9 Karri Siva Ganesh Engineering 2 Year
10 Medabalmi Surya Chakra Babu Engineering 2 Year
11 Kunapareddy Yugandhar Mani Kumar Engineering 2 Year
12 Muchakarla Mounika Engineering
13 Ravipati Raghavendra Rao Engineering
14 Saddi Bhavani Engineering
15 Valipishetty Rajashekhar Engineering
16 Marineni Sindhu Engineering
17 Gnanreddy Sneha Engineering
18 Punreddy Abhisek Reddy Engineering
19 Siddamshetty Dheeraj Engineering
20 Yedlapalli Hima Bindu Engineering
21 Malae Manoj Engineering
22 Yellanki Sai Kumar Engineering
23 Avushapuram Kavyasri Engineering
24 Konda Shravani Engineering
25 Chanda Kavya Engineering
26 Bandarupalli Kiran Chowdary Engineering
27 Gundapuneni Alekhya Engineering
28 Vunnam Surendra Engineering
29 Jalamanchili Harshini Engineering
30 Chavakula Subhash Engineering
31 Ravula Aravind Reddy Engineering
32 Bandaru Alekhya Engineering
33 Marisetty Bhagya Deepika Engineering
34 Doddi Sai Teja Engineering
35 Kumbam Sharath Kumar Reddy Engineering
36 Yalamarthy Satya Bhaskar Engineering
37 Addagalla Shirisha Priyanka Engineering
38 Paruchuri Jayasree Engineering
39 Mulukuri Nrl Sireesha Engineering
40 Gadde Veera Venkata Rama Rao Engineering
41 Thupakula Rami Reddy Engineering
42 Silla Teja Engineering
43 Ragu Navya Sree Engineering
44 Kosaraju Sai Hamsini Engineering
45 Kathram Swapna Rekha Medicine - MBBS
46 Gangasani Siri Chandana Medicine - MBBS
47 Kommineni Veerabhoga Vasantha Rayudu Medicine - MBBS
48 Ginjupalli Sai Chand Medicine - MBBS
49 Tarigoppula Venkata Vijay Kumar Medicine - MBBS
50 Kamma Renuka Chowdary Medicine - MBBS