Child Aid Foundation

Child Poverty is one of the chronic ailments of Indian society. Leave alone educational opportunities, basic living needs are denied to several million children in India. This being the case, TANA Foundation has identified a dedicated organization that is doing yeoman service to poor children in Vijayawada. This organization is called Child Aid Foundation.

TANA Foundation formed a formal partnership with Child Aid Foundation towards the end of December, 2005. A Project has been conceived as “TANA Foundation – Child Aid Foundation” (“TF-CAF”).

The main goal of the TF – CAF Project is to:

  • Provide for the living expenses of some children at CAF
  • Provide for the educational expenses of some children at CAF
  • Make this provision on a perpetual basis

To achieve the above goals, TANA Foundation has established two means of helping the children at CAF. They are:

 1) A perpetual endowment to which donor contributions are added. The interest earned on the endowment is sent to Child Aid Foundation on an annual basis.

2) A contribution by a donor can be sent right away to benefit one of the many schemes that Child Aid Foundation has. The different options are Children’s Home Meal (US $ 9 to $ 15 a day), School Children’s Midday Meal (US $ 28 a day), Food Items (US $ 1 to $ 100 a day), Basic Services & Supplies (US $ 23 to $ 56 a month), School Sponsorship (US $ 33 to $ 55 a month), Child Aid & Care and Permanent Asset Donations.

Partner: TANA Foundation’s partner in this project is Child Aid Foundation (CAF). CAF is a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian charitable organisation based in Vijayawada. It provides boarding to orphan and destitute children. It provides primary school education to the inmates and outsiders also to some extent. It also helps students at the High School and post-High School stages. Its goal is to help individuals attain self-sustenance in life.

Incidentally, CAF has been started by an American from the New York area. He is Dr. A.Goswami, a Ph.D in social work and a person, who has dedicated his life to the welfare of poor children in India and especially in Vijayawada. He is currently the Director of CAF.

Child Aid Foundation is widely recognized and supported both in India and abroad. For example, APEX Foundation ( in the US is a proud sponsor of CAF. Please visit for more details about the founding of this organization, its achievements, current activities, its wide recognition, the various ways one can help, etc.

We have envisaged a target of US $ 100,000 for the Perpetual Endowment in about three years time. The response from the community has been very encouraging.

Project Co-coordinator: For any further details or a clarification, please feel free to contact Mr. Ramakrishna Kancherla at 905 529 7021 or at

Appeal: We are requesting all well wishers of our community to generously come forward and contribute to the Endowment Fund or make a small contribution to immediately benefit one of the programs at CAF. Please note that a small contribution of Rs. 500/month (Us $ 12) (one’s cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks for a week) will help fully support the living costs of one poor child (food, clothing, supplies, medical care, etc.). A small sum of Rs. 250 (US $ 6) will support the educational costs of a poor child (books, fees, uniform, supplies, etc.)

Please be generous and support this worthy cause by sending your cheque in favour of “TANA Foundation” (memo:Child Aid Foundation). or Donate online:

      • Mr. Madhu Mukkamala, Kentucky.
      • Mr. Suresh and Anita Velagapudi, Illionois.
      • Mr. Ramakrishna Kancherla, Ontario, Canada.
      • Dr. Krishnaiah Choudhary Garlapati, Ohio.
      • Mr. Ravi Tej Kakarala, Alabama.
      • Mr. Lenin Babu Vadlamudi, Alberta, Canada.
      • Dr. Yasodhara Kancherla, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Sreedhar Gottipati, Washington.
      • Dr. Prasad Kakarala, Ohio.
      • Mr. Murthy Sama, California.
      • Dr. Rao and Mrs. Sudha Chalasani, Michigan.
      • Mr. Lakshminarayana Surapaneni, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Tirumala Rao Tipirneni, New York.
      • Mrs. Padma Maganti, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Ravi Moturi, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Rajesh Aysola, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Rao Nalamala, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Rao Tata, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Sharmas Hussain, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Ramesh Vemuri, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Hanu Yalamarti, Ontario Canada.
      • Mr. M. Timmeswara Rao, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mr. Mahendra Reddy Padidam, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mrs. Prasuna Rayavarapu, Ontario, Canada.
      • Mrs. Nirmala Dixit, Ontario, Canada.
      • Dr. Ganga Choudhary, New Mexico.