Aids Awareness

Last decade, the world witnessed our beloved state rise to the top ranks in information technology generating much hope and optimism.

Hyderabad has been a quintessential stop for two U.S. Presidents and multiple other CEOs. Sense of pride and accomplishment was pervasive in different sectors. While we were enjoying the well deserved progress there was another grim statistic which was creeping up. The HIV prevalence in AP is SECOND in the nation and in some high-risk groups it is around 30% - 40%. Our state’s experience is quoted to be similar to that of South Africa.

Recent visits to Hyderabad and rural villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana revealed socio-economic impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our state. Tana Foundation witnessed from very close quarters the devastating impact it has on families and communities. Met women, children and other well educated individuals whose lives were changed overnight, thrown out of their homes without food or shelter. There are children being born who will not know what life is without HIV/AIDS. Women in addition to not receiving basic medical care during the childbirth did not even get baby napkin to wrap the new born. These are innocent victims facing heart wrenching discrimination and isolation. After these encounters, one cannot sit back and think life goes on and it is the disease of others.

Tana Foundation took the lead that NOW is the time for active intervention and to make a difference. We should endeavor to prevent a generation of kids growing with HIV/AIDS and the prospect of being orphaned. Prevent youth, families and middle age bread winners from succumbing to the epidemic and live in vicious cycle of poverty. We have the knowledge and we need the will and generosity of the Telugu community. This is the time one need to ask what I can do for the community.

Tana Foundation embarked upon the task of creating HEALTHIER HIGHWAYS and communities, increase awareness, educates general population and targets the high risk groups.

Recently Foundation facilitated CHEYUTHA in Jaggayapet mandal administered by LEPRA SOCIETY. Lepra Society, Foundation’s partner in the AIDS Project, is an internationally known organization in eradicating leprosy, malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. This Project is a comprehensive model designed to empower PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS), provide them with essential medical and nutritional support along with building their self esteem. These beneficiaries, in turn, will be the foot soldiers to increase awareness in the community.

Tana Foundation also started Healthier Highways by embarking upon the idea of adopting a highway erecting billboards and educating high risk groups like truck drivers about healthier and preventive practices. We appeal to the Telugu community to come forward and help us make the Healthier Highways Project a monumental effort in the fight against this rapidly spreading epidemic. A small donation of about US $500 will help erecting a billboard in an area of your choice and affinity. Please mail your cheques to Treasurer, Tana Foundation, 66 Harvest Lane, Tiffin, Ohio 44883.

For further details, please contact our Project Co-ordinator, Dr. Meera Boppana at 718 969 4876 or or any of the officers of Tana Foundation

List of Donors:

  • Anonymous Donor, New York.
  • Dr. Raghava Rao Polavarapu and Tulasi Parvati Polavarapu, New York.
  • Mrs. Shalini Patcha, New York.
  • Mr. A.R. Chowdri, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Prasad Kakarala, Ohio

We are looking in the following 3 aspects to help the People living with HIV/AIDS and increasing awareness:

The aim of the project: Improve quality of life of the PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS)

Curb the spread of HIV/AIDS into general population.

  • Serving 27 villages, and over 200 PLHA’s in JAGGAYAPET mandal, Krishna district.
  • Providing Nutritional, Medical and counseling services Foster care & Educational support for HIV orphans.
  • Community outreach work and organizing support and self-help groups


Aim of the project: Increase awareness in highrisk population of truck drivers and Sex Trade Workers (STW)

  • To place billboards with HIV/AIDS AWARENESS message on national highways between HYDERABAD and VISHAKAPATNAM, covering a stretch of 700km and six districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • A picture is worth more than thousand words! Education through these large picture billboards is a key strategy in preventing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

TOTAL of approx.100 billboards, placed every 10km and at key halt spots etc.

Cost $400- 500 per billboard. $40-50k

Aim of the project: To provide ongoing comprehensive primary and preventive healthcare to 19 remote & Inaccessible villages in Musunur & Chatrai mandals in Krishna district, A. P.

  • These villages are without proper road or transportation facilities. People have no access to proper health care. Covering 2-3 villages every day.
  • Diagnosing and Dispensing medicines for common ailments along with health education and follow up.
  • Organizing village healthcare forums and volunteers Emergency referrals to hospitals and other healthcare providers.
  • Research & Development - compiling data for health profile analysis and rural health issues

COST $500 PER WEEK $26k YEARLY (includes staff and physician wages, fuel, medicines, health education and maintenance etc).

For more information on HIV/AIDS please visit