Conferences Listing

TANA organizes a biennial national conference called North America Telugu Conference. These conferences are held on the July 4th weekend on every odd number year. About 8,000 to 10,000 people attend these conferences from all over the world. There will be several forums to discuss issues related to business, culture, literature, religion, women and youth. Several prominent people that have contributed to Telugu literature, culture and society will be invited to speak at the conference and participate in the discussions. Entrepreneurs, industry leaders, politicians and film stars will also attend the conference. Artists from U.S., India and other places will perform at the conference. Typically it is a three day fun filled event with performances on the main stage and forums and discussions on the side stage. Some times the business seminar is held for a full day on the day before the conference.

Here are the list of places where the conferences were previously held
 Conf No Year City, State Convener / Coordinator
 1 1977  New York, NY  Dr. Subba Rao Kakarla
 2  1979  Detroit, MI
 Madhava Rao Tummala
 3  1981  Chicago, IL
 Dr. Tirupataiah Tella 
 4  1983  Washington, DC
 Subbaraydud Jakkampudi
 5  1985  Los Angeles, CA
 Dr. Raghavendra Prasad S
 6  1987  St. Louis, MO
 Dr. Narasaraju Mantena
 7  1989  Houston, TX
 Janardhan Reddy Vinta 
 8  1991  Atlanta, GA
 Dr. Mangaraju Vanapalli 
 9  1993  New York, NY
 Dr. Dasaradharama Reddy Gaddam 
 10  1995  Chicago, IL
 Yugandhar Yadlapati
 11  1997  Los Angeles, CA
 Kondala Rao Kottapalli 
 12  1999  Cincinnati, OH
 Ranganatha Babu Gorrepati
 13  2001  Philadelphia, PA
 Vijayasaradhi Kosaraju & Janardan Rao Alladi
 14  2003  San Jose, CA
 Jayaram Komati
 15  2005  Detroit, MI
 Dr. Srinivas Kodali
 16  2007  Washington, DC
 Dr. Hemaprasad Yadla
 17  2009  Chicago, IL
 Yugandhar Yadlapati
 18  2011  Santa Clara, CA
 Sateesh Chilukuri
 19  2013  Dallas, TX
 Murali Vennam

TANA Youth Conference
TANA Youth Conference is a conference organized by TANA youth to discuss issues related to TANA youth. It is typically held on a Memorial Day weekend on the even number year.

Here is the list of places where the Conference was previously held
 Sl. No  Year  Place
 1  1988  Detroit, MI
 2  1990  Edwardsville, IL
 3  1992  Washington, DC
 4  1994  Cincinnati, OH
 5  1996  Edison, NJ
 6  1998  Austin, TX
 7  2000  Dallas, TX - Along with TANA Regional Conference
 8  2002  Cozumel, Mexico