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Proposed Amendments to TANA Bylaws

As you are aware, TANA operates in accordance with the laws of Maryland where it is incorporated, TANA's Articles of Incorporation, and TANA Bylaws. We regularly review our bylaws to ensure efficient operations and long-term growth of the organization. The most recent amendments to the bylaws of TANA was in 2015. TANA Bylaws Committee, chaired by Dr. Hanumaiah Bandla, 

has been meeting for the past many months and conducted a thorough review of the current bylaws. The Committee also took into account recommendations from TANA Leadership and other members. After careful deliberation, the Committee developed a comprehensive draft proposal with several amendments to the current bylaws. The proposal can be accessed by clicking on 

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

You may also access the current bylaws by clicking on TANA Bylaws

As our biggest strength is our active and involved membership, we want your feedback on these amendments. Please review the document carefully and send any comments or thoughts you may have regarding the proposed amendments to by January 10, 2016 so that your comments can be considered before the TANA Board of Directors takes the final decision on the proposed amendments.

Thank you.

Dr. Venkata Subbarao Uppuluri
Chairman, Board of Directors