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TANA Chaitanya Sravanthi 2012

Chaitanya Sravanthi
.. Stream of Consciousness .. Language, Culture, Art, Formalities, Food, Clothing were in existence even before us. They are still available today because, some of us in this society are following, practicing and enjoying them. We work hard at preserving, enriching the riches given to us by our parents, grand parents and feel proud of passing them along to our kids. However, we are a bit lacking in treating our culture and history in a similar manner. If this continues, our heritage, our culture and thus we, will be limited to a few fairy tales in the future.

It is every ones civic duty to serve their culture and heritage and preserve it for future. It is the responsibility of the organizations, which they have established for themselves, to provide a way to perform this service. With that motive, our beloved organization ‘TANA’ has embarked on organizing several Culture, Language and Social Welfare programs in Andhra Pradesh. For us, this rare opportunity comes In the name of ‘Chaitanya Sravanthi’.

Folk Arts Festival - Khammam, December 22nd, 2012

On 21st December, all the TANA officials are expected to reach Khammam. On 22nd the event will be preceded by seminars followed by a Rally. Folk Art troupes from various educational institutions in the region will participate in the Rally. The performances during the Rally include Dappu Vinyasam, Keelu Gurram, Tholu Bommalu and Pagati Veshalu.

After concluding the Rally, the Inaugural Ceremony will take place at the venue, followed by folk art performances. TANA will felicitate and recognize some of the artists and present awards.

The following Folk art forms are expected to perform at this event.

  • Tribal Dances (Kondareddy & Kommu)
  • Gondu Dance
  • Dappu Vinyasam
  • Lambadi Art
  • Janapada Geethalu
  • Kolatam
  • Keelu Gurram
  • Pagati Veshalu
  • Tholu Bommalu

All Other Event Details

December 21

Telugu Sahithi Sadassu


December 22

Folk Art Festival


December 23

Kalyanamantapam Opening

* Vijayawada/Gannavaram

December 24

TANA Services Day


December 27-29

Telugu Maha Sabhalu

* Tirupathi

* TANA will participate as a guest at these events

It is true that we are living far away from our mother land. It is very typical for us to have a question “What Kind of service can I provide”. However, we are all nice branches, leaves and flowers of the great grand tree ‘Telugu’. If the mother root doesn’t get the right nutrition on time, no matter how great the tree is, it won’t survive. Let us all be vigilant of the current happenings and understand the bleak future of our culture. Let us all work together for the preservation of our culture. Please join hands and become Chaitanya Sravanthi members.

Read these few simple responsibilities of Chaitanya Sravanthi members.

1). Distribute the program/event details to your friends and family.
2). Encourage others to become Chaitanya Sravanthi members.
3). Collect details of your friends traveling to India in December and see that they attend these events.
4). Identify endangered Art Forms and inform TANA along with the details of Artists who perform them.
5). Donate funds, either by yourself or from your friends.
6). See the possibility of ‘You’ attending these events.

We are sure that you will agree with us ‘These are simple responsibilities’. Your partnership will ensure the success of these programs. We are hopeful that you will be a part of Chaitanya Sravanthi.

Our Appeal

If you are planning on visiting Andhra Pradesh, we request you to attend all the events that are possible. If not, please provide the details to your parents or relatives and encourage them to attend these events. Your participation will provide the much needed encouragement to all of us at TANA.

Approximately 50 members from various cities have already joined the Chaitanya Sravanthi. After reviewing this information, we request you to join this Chaitanya Sravanthi as well. In the next page you will find a donation form. A small donation from you will make a big difference to our culture, heritage and those who are working hard to preserve and promote them.

If you have any further questions about the information presented, please feel free to contact us using the details provided in the first page.

DONATE for Chaitanya Sravanthi: www.tana.org/donate 

For More details Contact:

Sarada Akunuri: (281) 235-4334
Mohan Nannapaneni: (508) 612-6676
Madhu Tata: (678) 755-6227
Trilok Kanteti: (703) 585-3565

or Email to: CS2012@tana.org