NJ Fire Accident left hundres homeless

Fire ravages Woodbridge apartment complex, leaving dozens of Indian families homeless in New Jersey On Tuesday, July 10th 2012.

Due to a massive fire, the Woodbridge Village Colonial Gardens Apartments in Avenel, NJ burnt to ashes. The apartment building had fifty-two families and more than 90% of the victims were Telugu. The damage is extensive but the cause of the fire is still unknown and is currently being investigated.  Everyone living in the complex has been evacuated safely; although, they have lost all of their belongings including passports, visa documents, valuables etc.

Our TANA President, Mr. Prasad Thotakura, contacted the New Jersey Assemblyman, Mr. Upendra Chivukula; he assured all his support in helping the families. Moreover, Mr. Chinna Vasudeva Reddy (Joint Secretary of TANA), Ms. Laxmi Devineni, (Chairman of TANA legal cell) and Mr. Upendra Chivukula have visited the affected families and have promised to help bring the lives of the victims to normalcy as soon as possible. They have also made sure all the families are safe and have food and shelter.

Several TANA TEAM Square volunteers are assisting the families. Mr. Mohan Nannapuneni, TANA Executive Vice President, is working with the Indian consulate and INS to get passports and immigration documents replaced for the families. Mr. Nannapaneni and other volunteers are also working with the local Mayor's Office and Police to expedite the process of getting Driver's Licenses, Social Security Numbers and other official documents lost in the fire. The Indian Consulate in New York assured their full cooperation in replacing the lost passports.

 "Though people have lost all of their belongings, It's very fortunate that everybody is safe and fully accounted for, in such a massive blaze," said Mr. Chinna, the joint secretary. With the help of more than 10 TANA volunteers, Laxmi Devineni, chairman of the TANA legal cell, is providing families with emotional support as well.

 TANA humbly asks you for your generous support in assisting the families who have lost almost everything during this devastating incident. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate generously at: www.tana.org/donate (choose TEAM Square from the list).

If you prefer to send checks, please make them payable to "TANA" and mail them to: TANA, P.O.Box: 3500, Fairfax, VA 22038.