Guidelines for Candidates


Guidelines for Candidate Information Statement

Conducted By:  TANA Nominations/Elections Committee
                             Email Address: electioncommittee@tana.org

Chairman:  Paparao Gundavaram

Members:   Dr. Seshagirirao Meka

                     Dr. Haribabu Muddana

                     Ravi Chilakamarri

                    Gopi K Nekkalapudi

Guidelines for candidate information to be included in the web site and with the ballot mailing.

  1. Candidate Information should be presented using a Microsoft Word editable document.
  2. The length of the document should not exceed one page.
  3. Margins of 1 inch at top, bottom, left and right
  4. Font size should not be lower than 12 point for English and comparable for Telugu.
  5. Telugu fonts, if used, should be using Unicode only.
  6. Suggested content:
    1. Name:
    2. Position contesting for:
    3. Personal Information:
    4. History of service to TANA and/ or other Telugu organizations.
    5. Statement regarding issues and request for votes.
  7. Information in this statement should be about the candidate only. Comments about opposing candidates are not to be included in this statement.
  8. A digital passport photograph of the candidate of publishable quality (300 dpi minimum) may accompany the candidate statement.
  9. Candidate information and the photograph should be transmitted by electronic mail to both the TANA Webmaster (webmaster@tana.org) and the Chairperson of N/E Committee (paparaog@gmail.com)
  10. TANA Webmaster and N/E committee retain the right to edit the information presented by the candidate for suitability and conformity with guidelines.