Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu

Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu
Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu
(Candidate for Joint Treasurer)
Tel: (770) 235-2709 - Email: lachowdary@yahoo.com

Current Positions:

  • 2011- Present : Chairman, TEAM Square (TANA Emergency assistance Management  TEAM)
  •  Director, Vensai Foundation
  •  IT Professional, Georgia State Department of Human Services

Personal Profile:

  • I strongly believe that helping hands are better than praying lips and that service to mankind is service to God.
  • Helping the needy, spreading joy and leading a humble life have been my guiding principles.

Community Service through TANA:

TANA TEAM Square (TANA Emergency Assistance Management Team)

As a chairman of TEAM Square, I’ve handled over 60 catastrophic incidents like road accidents, water accidents, health related, immigration, domestic violence among several other incidents that may have been smaller in scale but have demanded same effort

Other services through TANA

  • Instrumental in several TANA Backpack programs that provide backpacks to the needy kids in schools.
  • Coordinated donations for the Toys for Tots programs that bring a smile on the kids’ faces by providing them with toys during the festive and holiday season.
  • Actively participated in several TANA Membership drives to expand the reach of TANA.
  • Actively participated in TANA Conventions and instrumental in success of TANA Cultural night and TANA Southeast Awareness program held in Atlanta.

Services and donations through other organizations:

  • Instrumental in organizing and coordinating several blood donation camps and drives for American Red Cross and other organizations in the US and in India.
  • Active volunteer for Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta (TAMA) coordination and organizing events like membership drives and other key events  of TAMA’s 30th year celebrations, TAMA’s yearly cultural events.
  • Instrumental in organizing several Health fairs for TAMA and other associations for several years.
  • Regular sponsor and donor for TAMA’s scholarship program for students in India.
  • Have been on the advisory boards of several local and national Telugu associations guiding and overseeing their key events.
  • Active participation in fund raising drives for several educational events and institutions.
  • Provided and solicited donations for natural calamities like floods, hurricanes, Tsunami in the US and in India.
  • Ongoing charity commitment to Trinity broadcasting and other Christian missionaries on behalf of my family.
  • Yearly ongoing anna danam activities to poor and old age people in India for the past 15 years.

     My goals and Objectives:

  • Work closely with TANA leadership in organizing fund raising activities.
  • Participate in membership drives for TANA.
  • Work with regional Telugu organizations in expanding the reach of TANA activities.
  • Increase TANA’s presence and accessibility in the region.
  • Encourage the younger generation, through youth camps and other ideas, to participate in TANA activities.
  • Continue working with TANA's arguably most demanding and successful entity, TEAM Square