Help TANA support our Health Care Workers and Systems, First responders ( Police & Fire )  across our country’s most affected areas in battling the health crisis with resources and supplies. The United States now has the most cases in the world and the cases are growing every day. Every day we are watching our nation’s health care systems, workers and society endure continuous damage by the ongoing pandemic outbreak caused by COVID-19. This ruthless and unbiased virus has been wreaking havoc to thousands of lives and is disrupting our way of life as we know it. Cases are surging across multiple counties, cities, and states across the nation. This stress is causing a nightmare for hospital systems which are battling every minute. The situation has further been exacerbated by the dwindling supply of resources. By evoking the concept of dana, the practice of generosity and contribution to assist those in need, our goal is to provide funding for resources for our doctors, nurses, health care staff and other members on the frontlines of this health crisis. We need to come forward and support them now. It is our duty to donate, driven by our creed and passed on by our elders to evoke the concept of dana and assist our society in fighting back.  Please donate as much as you can so that TANA can assist our health care systems with the resources needed to assist those affected across epicenter and emerging hotspots in the United States . TANA leadership is continuously working with various health care systems to determine the growing needs of resources and vital supplies.