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TMS F281 Well settled U.S. Kamma parents seek alliance for their 25 year old beautiful and highly educated daughter. She has completed dual Masters degrees in Biology and Public Health and is presently enrolled in a prestigious PH.D program in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Looking for India/US born Telugu young man, 25-30 years, good looking, highly educated with excellent family background. Please write with details and photo [2W061515] nrmatrimonial@yahoo.com
TMS F280 Telugu parents seek alliance for their compassionate, sensitive, Ivy  League educated, 33 yr old daughter, 5'7", born and raised in the U.S. attorney living in Baltimore.  Seeking intelligent, thoughtful, professional individual for lifelong partnership based on common values, goals, mutual respect and understanding. Preference for 5'10" or above. Please contact us patrikaresponses@gmail.com
TMS F279

[TMS F279]  Kamma parents invite alliance for their US raised/educated daughter 27yrs, 5'8", working as a physician in one of the best hospitals in east coast. Looking for well-educated US born/raised successful professional, good looking with age between 27 to 29 years with positive attitude and family values. Doctors preferred. Please contact with bio-data and pictures  [2W050115]

TMS F277

Kamma parents invite alliance for their 26 yrs, 5'7" tall beautiful daughter, green card holder who graduated from medical school, completed USMLE steps and currently attending interviews for residency program. Looking for a good looking handsome Kamma groom doctor with family values age between 26-29yrs. Please contact with bio data and pictures chaturvedi1008@yahoo.com [2W041515]

TMS F278 Kamma family, father a renowned physician settled near Guntur, inviting alliance for their daughter born in 1985, 5'9", fair & beautiful. She is a medical graduate from India and completed all USMLE steps living in the US. Seeking boy from Kamma family, 5'10" or more, US settled medical physician/resident preferred. However, other successful professionals with good family background may also contact. Please respond with pictures and bio-data [2W041515] tanamatri2014@gmail.com
TMS F274 Kamma parents invite alliance for their 26 yrs, 5'7" tall beautiful daughter, green card holder who graduated from medical school, completed USMLE steps and currently attending interviews for residency program. Looking for a good looking handsome Kamma groom doctor with family values age between 26-29yrs. Please contact with bio data and pictures [2W041515] chaturvedi1008@yahoo.com
TMS F276 Kamma parents invite alliance for their US raised/educated daughter 26yrs, 5'4", caring, friendly, doing 2nd year residency from US raised professional 27-32 yres, with positive attitude and family values. Please contact with biodata and pictures[2W021515] matrsrch14@gmail.com
TMS F275 Telugu parents well settled in US seek alliance for their 24 year old US born and raised, sophisticated,very beautiful and successful daughter, who just graduated from an IVY league law school. She has strong moral values and is a very compassionate and kind hearted individual. Seeking well educated and qualified US born and raised boy from Kamma, Kapu, Reddy, Brahmin families. [2W021515] ar1tulasi@gmail.com
TMS F274 Telugu Kamma family invite alliance for their very beautiful 24 year old daughter. She is 5'8" tall, US raised and in fourth year of Med school. Looking for a professionally qualified boy between 24-27 years. Please contact with details [2W020115] venkat19902015@gmail.com
TMS F273 Telugu, Kamma family well settled in USA, looking for a suitable match for their daughter 28, born and raised in US, medium color, 5'4", sophisticated, ambitious and kind hearted, settled in west coast, graduated from top business school [2W071514]  appapra1953@gmail.com
TMS F272 Telugu Telaga Kapu brother is seeking a suitable US groom(37-40yrs) from similar castes for his sister, 37, MS(USA), H1B-EAD, settled in Washington DC. May get GC very soon[2W011515] v_saro@yahoo.com
TMS F271 Kamma parents invite alliance for their daughter, 5'6", 31yrs doctor(OBGYN), divorcee without encumbrances.  She is beautiful, responsible, caring, currently working in Tennessee. Looking for US born and raised successful professional doctor/engineer between 31-34, 5'10" and above and fair. Please send photo and biodata [2W011515]                shweta23r@gmail.com
TMS F270 Kamma parents settled in Hyderabad invite alliance for their daughter, 5'4" tall, 25yrs, M.S from Stanford. She is beautiful, lively, responsible and caring person aspiring to meet a good natured individual with strong ethical, moral and family values.  Looking for handsome, good looking, fair complexion, Kamma boy who has done M.S/MBA from Ivy League Universities/Stanford/MIT/UC Berkeley. Please contact with details [2W010115] nmkprasad9@gmail.com
TMS F269 Parents looking for suitable US born and raised Hindu groom, 30-32 yrs, based in SF Bay area, for their US born and raised daughter, 29 yrs, 5'3" lawyer, well read and sophisticated. Never married. For serious inquiries, please contact. [2W010115]  tanamatri@gmail.com
TMS F267 US settled South Indian Brahmins invite alliance for 36years/5'3" daughter working as Instructional Designer in Georgia. Contact 229-894-7334 [2W010115] frnr44@yahoo.com
TMS F268 Brother seeking alliance for his 47 year old sister. Kamma, divorcee without encumbrances, 5'8", Master's degree in IT, US citizen, born and raised in India. Please respond. [2W010115]        hope4freshlife@outlook.com
TMS F266 Parents are looking for a suitable groom for their 27 years, 5'5" fair, slim daughter, who graduated with MBA from an Ivy League University last summer. Currently working in a tech firm in Southern California.  Ideal partner for her is an open minded, goal oriented, ambitious, professionally qualified person who grew up in USA or Canada only. [2W120114]     padma@imexsystems.com
TMS F265 Andhra Kamma parents settled in Hyderabad and uncle and aunt settled in the US invite alliance for 25 year old girl with fair complexion, 5'6", Indian Medical graduate (completed  USMLE step 1)  from good looking, fair complexion, 5'10" or taller Kamma boys who are India born and raised doctors or Medical residents in the US. Please contact with details.[2W120114] reghsinfo@gmail.com
TMS F264 Telugu Kamma family invite alliance for their fair, tall, very beautiful daughter, 23 yrs, 5'5", US raised and is in second year Medical school. Looking for US born/raised Doctor, handsome age between 25-30 years. Please contact with details.[2W120114] srama1221@gmail.com
TMS F260 [TMS F260] Telugu Brahmin parents invite alliance for their attractive daughter 30 yrs, 5'3", vegetarian, born & raised in USA. Graduated from Ivy League MBA (Finance & Economics) and is working as an Associate Portfolio Manager. Trained in classical dances/music & piano (Western). Speaks fluent Telugu, understand Tamil and Hindi. Seeking any South Indian Brahmin groom (prefer veg) American post-graduate professionals with good family values manners. Contact Mrs. Usha (Parent) 516-448-2869, gub2013@yahoo.com [2W100114] gub2013@yahoo.com
TMS F263 Respectful Telugu Kamma family inviting alliance for their slim, good looking, modest, humble, 5'1", 31yr old daughter studied MS engineering in USA and working as a software engineer in Midwest region. Married briefly, but divorced as ex-husband was  untenable for Married life. Please contact 586-344-3452 [2W101513]  vrnr@yahoo.com
TMS F262 Seeking alliance for a kamma girl, born & brought  up in USA,  39yrs, 5'4", Masters in Public Health, working as a high ranked executive and never married. Preferably  from Telugu families but caste no bar[2W101514] nm1752@gmail.com
TMS F261 Brahmin parents invite alliance for daughter, 49, 5'4",  Telugu speaking, never married, living in Houston with parents, B.Com, Veena, Very much into music.  Application developer in India, on F1 visa.worked as Application developer in India, F1 Visa, studying Computer Science. Caste no bar [mbhavaraju@yahoo.com] mbhavaraju@yahoo.com
TMS F259 Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their daughter, 5'3", 27 yrs., fair and good looking, born, raised and educated in US. Completed Masters at one of the top universities and currently working in NYC in Finance. Seeking alliance from a US born,raised and educated between 27 & 30 yrs.  Caste no bar. Please send e-mail [2W091514] pellilb@yahoo.com
TMS F258 Parents invite alliance for their daughter, 23 yrs, 5'6", Telugu speaking, US born, raised and educated. Working towards  her Masters in education. Currently in the DC area, originally from NJ. Seeking Kamma grooms raised in US between 25-28 years age, Telugu speaking/understanding[2W090114] teachdcnj@gmail.com
TMS F257 Kamma parents invite alliance for their slim,fair, attractive, athletic and Telugu speaking daughter, 26 yrs, 5'4", US born, raised & educated. Studied undergrad at one of the nation's best business schools and currently working as a Vice President in an Investment Bank in New York in Finance & IT. Seeking alliance from well educated professionals raised in US. Caste no  bar. Please contact phone# 949-237-2743 or email [2W021515] creative4creative@gmail.com
TMS F250 Telugu family seeks a US born/raised professional groom for their 33 year old daughter.  She is a US born/raised Physician in Pennsylvania and is 5'5", slim,smart, pretty and friendly.  Please contact us with details at  [2W030115] tanaresponses@gmail.com
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TMS M612 Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their son,29yrs,5'7". Holds US B1/B2 and Canadian work visa. Born and raised in India, studied undergrad at one of the India's best technical institutes and pursued MS(Chemical Engineering) from one of the top technical universities in Canada.  He works (Engineer, technical) for major oil and gas company in Canada with future plans to move to the US for MBA in Energy from Ivy League. Please contact with informatoin at 1 7806803169[2W050115] rajendra.naidu1958@gmail.com
TMS M611 Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their physician son, 28yrs, 6'1" tall, very fair and handsome, born and brought up in US.  He is doing 3rd year residence in Internal Medicine and starting Cardiology Fellowship in July 2015 in Northeast. Seeking alliance from well educated professionals raised in US, between 24 to 28 years.  Please send bio-data and photos         pmpmvn2014@gmail.com
TMS M610 Kamma parents invite alliance for their son, 29, 5'9", US educated MD, final year resident from US educated MD Physician, 24-28. Contact us with details [2W121514] gmtr12@yahoo.com
TMS M609 Telugu Arya Vysya US based parents inviting alliance for their handsome son, 26 year, raised and educated in the West, US & UK Citizenship with OCI card for India, 5'6",150lbs, MS in Bio-Technology and a healthcare IT professional at a major teaching Medical Institution in Chicago. Please contact [2W120114] raoboggavarapu2002@yahoo.com
TMS M608 Telugu US Physician invite alliance for his 33yr old nephew, naturalized U.S. Citizen, well settled, IIT Madras and Columbia University, NY graduate working at an investment Bank in NewYork, seeking professional, well educated girl preferably in New York area. Cast is no bar. Contact    [2W090114] jmailinani@gmail.com
TMS M607 Brother is seeking alliance for his brother,  30yr old,graduated from IIT and pursued Masters from one of the top universities in US.  He currently works as a vice president in Investment Banking at a prestigious financial company in New York.  Looking for a smart, educated girl. Please send bio-data and pictures [2W090114] hreddy9@outlook.com
TMS M605 Well settled Kamma Physician parents invite alliance for their 28 yrs old son, 5'11", fair, doing 2nd year Internal Medicine Residency. Born and raised in USA. Seeking USA raised Physician, fair 23 to 27 yrs. Caste no bar. Contact with info at nannapanenim@yahoo.com [2W123114] nannapanenim@yahoo.com
TMS M602 Indian born (1971), Mudaliar, grew up in East & West, never married, high profile Doctor at University of Michigan, 5’9”/150lbs seeks a girl of 32-37 years. Contact TGM1971@hotmail.com or 734-945-2336 [2W123113] TGM1971@hotmail.com