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TMS F346

Kamma parents are looking for a groom for their 23 years old US citizen, 5’3” in tall, good looking daughter. She was born in India and raised in US with family values. Completed BS in computer science working in New York. Looking for Kamma US groom height above 5’8” in and age below 29 yrs. Doctor/Professional/IT. Please contact with profile. [0w110117]
TMS F344 Kamma Parents in Vijayawada is seeking alliance for their  27yrs, 5’9”, fair and beautiful looking daughter. She has just completed Masters in Computer Science and currently on OPT Visa. She is very ambitious, kind-hearted and Optimist person with good moral and family values. Parents are looking for groom, 28-32 years who is working in USA and with good moral and family values. Contact at or at +1-858-776-1151 with photos and bio-data [2w030718]
TMS F342

Kaapu (Naidu) family hailing from Krishna district, settled in Hyderabad seeking alliance for their daughter. She is 24, 5'4", very fair and beautiful. She completed her BTech and is currently working in Switzerland(till Nov 17). Seeking a good looking, well settled boy, working in US/Canada/Europe. Dad contact# 91 99482 94438. Email:  [2w020518]
TMS F341

Well settled Kamma parents seek alliance for their US raised Physician resident daughter in Virginia who is 28 yrs, 5’6” and beautiful.  She is very ambitious and family oriented. Parents are seeking US raised 29 to 31 yrs old Physician groom with good family background. Caste no bar. If you are interested, please email at with photos and details[2w020118]
TMS F340

Parents from Padmasali community are inviting alliance for their daughter. She's 28, born and raised in India, 5'3" beautiful and fair looking. She did B.Tech. & M.Tech. She is highly accomplished, compassionate, kindhearted with good moral values, good ethical and family values. She is a divorcee and no kids. Parents looking for a groom who is a working professional preferably masters, good family, 30-35 years. please contact with details, bio-data ASAP.

Dad- +91 9348161221, +1-5412531003
TMS F340 Parents from Balija community living in India are seeking an alliance for their daughter. She is 26 year old, born and raised in India, 5'2" tall and fair looking. Well educated with good ethical and family values. She is currently living in Atlanta, GA working for an IT company. Parents prefer the groom to be from same community, living in USA (or other country), suitable height, and of age between 27-30 years. Please contact with photos and biodata. Phone: +91-93473-77424 or +1 669- [0w110217]
TMS F339 Kamma parents invite a groom for their beautiful, fun-loving 25-year-old, 5' 3" tall daughter who is graduating law school in May 2017 from Indiana-University. She is intelligent, outgoing, ambitious, adventurous and caring. Parents are seeking a Groom between the ages of 27-32 & doing residency or in fellowship. Must be born & brought up in US only. Caste no bar. Please contact for pictures/details [2w101517]
TMS F338 Canadian Indian parents are looking for a suitable groom for their 27 years old, 5’ 5” tall, fair beautiful daughter who is in 2nd year Internal Medicine Residency program in Tennessee. Looking for a medical professional, above 5'8” having good exposure to Indian and western values, around 30 years old. Contact [2w101517]
TMS F337 Kamma parents, Physicians settled in USA, looking for a groom for US Citizen daughter 27 yrs 5 ft 6 in,Pretty, fair, starting Residency in July 2017. She can speak Telugu fluently. Please contact [2w101017]
TMS F336 Telugu parents well settled in USA, seek alliance for their 27 year old US born and raised, very beautiful and successful daughter, an Ivy League law School graduate, currently working at a prestigious law firm. She is 5’7”, highly accomplished, very compassionate and kind hearted individual with good moral values. She speaks Telugu and Hindi. We are looking for an educated and qualified boy between ages of 28-32, from well settled families. Please contact [2w100317]
TMS F335 Telugu parents living in Chicago land area are seeking alliance for their physician daughter, doing second year residency (Internal Medicine). She is 28 years old, 5'2", fair complexion with pleasant personality and brought up with good family values raised and  educated in the USA. Seeking an alliance from US born or raised man between 28 and 32 years, in the same profession with good family values.  Please contact with pictures and details at [2w100317]
TMS F334 Well educated Telugu family invites alliance for their MBBS graduated daughter, who is 24 years old 5'5" ft tall &fair complexed and is willing to settle in USA and do her Residency(PG). Parents are looking for 27-30 year old , good, caring and supportive groom preferably from same medical profession [0w92417]
TMS F333 Affluent Telugu Kamma family invites alliance for their 30 year old, 5’.4”, fair complexion daughter, who did her BS and MBA and working as Sr Financial Analyst. She was born in India but raised in different countries with good family values as her father is from Indian Foreign Service and served in diplomatic posts abroad and she is in US for 13 years. Parents are looking for same caste good looking, well-educated and fully settled man in 31-33 age group. Contact with details and pictures: 7039392759 / 8042636772 [2w090217]
TMS F332

Well settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their fair and beautiful daughter, 24 yrs., 5'3". She was born in India and raised in US from her 6th year with strong family values, speaks Telugu fluently. She is doing her 3rd year Pharma D and finishes in 2018. Looking for Kamma US groom doctor/pharmacist/engineer. If interested, please contact us with profile and pictures[0w081517]
TMS F329

Well settled US Kamma parents invite alliance to their daughter, Who is a second year Resident in Internal Medicine, US Citizen, 26 years, fair, 5'5" and a clear Telugu speaking girl. Parents are looking for handsome Kamma boy in Medical Profession in USA, and the age should be between 26 and 30.
TMS F323 Telugu Kamma parents ,well settled in Texas, invite alliance for their physician daughter,29yrs, 5'6",born, raised and educated in USA. Currently in fellowship training in Pediatric critical care at UCSF, Sanfrancisco. Prefer US born and raised physician between ages of 29 to 32 yrs. Please respond with Groom's Bio data,pictures and parents'contact information[5w08012017]
TMS F321 Well settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their daughter, 29yrs, slim, very fair and beautiful. She is born and brought up in the US with strong family values and speaks Telugu very well. She has completed her MD, Internal Medicine residency and is currently in her 3rd year Cardiology Fellowship. We are looking for physicians or engineers with Masters degree or above and between 29-34 yrs. You can contact us at  512-965-9482 or email[2w040117]
TMS F304

US settled Kamma family invites alliance for their US citizen daughter, 27 yrs, 5'5'' tall . She is currently in 3rd year Internal Medicine residency. Looking for Kamma US groom Doctor /Medical Residents only. Please contact with profile and pictures. [2w070117]
TMS F302

US settled Kamma parents invite alliance for their 28 yrs, 5'7" tall fair and beautiful daughter, US Citizen doing her second year residency in Internal Medicine. Looking for a good looking handsome Kamma groom Doctor / MS / MBA with family values age between 28-32 yrs. Please contact with bio data and pictures. Email.  [3w120916]
TMS F250 Telugu family seeks a US born/raised professional groom for their 34 year old daughter.  She is a US born/raised Physician in Pennsylvania and is 5'5", slim,smart, pretty and friendly.  Please contact us with details at  [2W050116]
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TMS M635 Kamma Parents well settled in Hyderabad seek alliance for their IIT educated/Ivy league MBA graduate son. Currently working as a management consultant for last 3 years, 29 years old, 6.1”, well built, and outgoing. Looking for a professional/doctor girl brought up with family values, between 24 and 28 years old. Please contact with biodata and pictures at Email: [2w020118]
TMS M634

 Telugu family looking for a suitable bride for their 31 years old, 6’2” tall, wheatish brown son who is living in USA for the past 5 years with a blend of Indian and western values. He is supportive and more responsible. He is working as Integration Architect in Dallas Caste No Bar.  Contact no - 5129215876 or 919886924842   ; or [2w010118]

TMS M633 Parents from Balija Naidu community living in Hyderabad are inviting alliance for their son 30 yrs old. very fair, 5’10” and good looking.. He has graduated with Master’s degree and is well settled currently working as a Sr. IT Professional in California. He lives a modern and healthy lifestyle.  Parents are looking for a bride who is a working professional preferably with masters in any discipline and from a well-placed family back ground. Please whatsapp profile with latest photo to +917337450467 [2w122017]
TMS M632 Kamma Parents seeking alliance for their son. 32 yrs, 6'1”, fair Complexion.  Occupation: Software consultant Education: MBA Location: Chicago Caste No Bar. for more details please email at: [2w120517]