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TMS F319

Well settled Doctor parents invite alliance for their beautiful 27 year old daughter who has strong family values. She is 5’6” tall. Graduated with a degree in MBBS from INDIA, finished her Clinical Clerk ships from Harvard , Yale Universities. She will be starting her residency program in USA soon. We are looking for handsome Physicians / IIT/ IIM graduates between 28-31 years with good family background. Contact 331-444-9679 or [2w112516]
TMS F318 Well settled Kamma parents invite alliance for their beautiful, US raised 27 year old daughter who has strong family values. She is 5’6” tall and is starting her internal Medicine residency next month in Virginia. We are looking for US raised handsome Kamma Physicians between 28-30 years with good family background. Please contact[2w111616]
TMS F317 Retired Army Physician from India  invite alliance for their, India born/raised 28-year-old daughter, 5 ft 2",  graduated with M.S in Statistical Analysis [Genetics & Epidemiology] from, USA.  Currently finishing Ph.D in top UK school.  Prefer tall Indian unmarried professional grooms  who enjoys travel, movies, music, courteous and well mannered, settled in USA. Please send details of groom, parents contact information to [2w102016]
TMS F316 Well settled Telugu Kamma family seeks a US born/raised professional groom for their 32 year old daughter.  She is a US raised Physician, finishing internal medicine residency in NY and will be starting cardiology fellowship in Ohio, in July 2016.   She is tall, smart and friendly.  Please contact us with details .[2w101516]
TMS F315

Long time residents of TX, Telugu speaking parents are looking for US born and raised physician groom, caste no bar, for their 28 year old daughter, 5' 4" , social, bright and happy 2nd year IM resident based in San Diego.  The boy must be on the west coast for the convenience of both. Parents can be reached at 214-906-1288 or email: [2w091516]
TMS F314 Telugu parents are looking for an alliance for their 36 years old daughter, 5’6” tall. She is a US citizen, born in India and is divorced. Lives in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and is working as a consultant, lead analyst for a Defense Company. Looking for a Telangana Reddy boy, preferably software Engineer, settled in US. Please contact with details: Phone No: 518 831 9322; India No: 9848039849 or 9849068074. Email: [0w090116]
TMS F313 Kamma parents from Hyderabad, India, invite alliance to their daughter, 30 year, 5'7", fair and beautiful, divorcee without encumbrances. She did bachelors in computer science followed by MBA, currently employed by a multinational company in Hyderabad.  They are looking for a compassionate and professionally well settled kamma boy either in India or abroad. Please contact for serious inquiries[2w080116]
TMS F312

Well settled Naidu/Kapu parents in USA are seeking alliance for their beautiful charming 35 yr old daughter, 5'8" raised in USA .  She is presently employed in Time-Warner Cables as a Quality Assurance Mgr in Ohio after graduating with a Bachelors’ degree in Information Systems & Marketing from Ohio. She is very family oriented with a "good blend of Indian and Western culture. Looking for suitable well educated and qualified groom who is USA born or raised [2w080116].
TMS F311

Telugu Naidu/Kapu parents well settled in USA, seek alliance for their 26" year old US born and raised, very beautiful and successful daughter. She is an Ivy League law School graduate, currently working at a prestigious law firm in Princeton, New Jersey. She has strong moral values and is a very compassionate and kind hearted individual. We are seeking educated and qualified US born and raised boy from well settled Telugu families. Please contact [0w031516]
TMS F310 Kamma sister is seeking alliance for her sister, 40+. 5'3", Telugu speaking, divorcee without any encumbrances and is living in AP with father. She has CA degree and has private practice. Caste no bar. Please contact  [0w061516]
TMS F309 Kamma parents invites alliance for their US born/raised 33- years-old daughter. Completed Masters from top University, currently working as director in the health care industry in NYC. Interests including running, Yoga, traveling. No Caste Bar.  Please contact [2w060116]
TMS F308 Well-settled US Kamma parents invites alliance for their fair, slim, US born/raised 28-year-old daughter.  Completed Masters from top university, currently working in Finance in NYC.  Interests include traveling, sports, and current events.  No Caste Bar. Please Contact [2w060116]
TMS F307

Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their daughter. Good looking, 23 year old, 5’ 7” height. She is IIT Madras graduate (Electrical Dual Degree – B.Tech+M.Tech) and currently working as a Manager in a reputed Multi-national company. She is hard working, career oriented and raised with good family values. Looking for successful Telugu professionals with IIT/IIM education, working or studying in U.S. Interested parties contact with details -  [2w060116]
TMS F306

Telugu parents are looking for an alliance for their daughter. She is 25 years old / 5’ 1” brought up in the U.S. and is currently in her third year of medical school in Wisconsin, after having completed a Masters in Public Health. They are seeking well educated professionals, only those that are born or brought up in the U.S. Caste is no bar. Please contact with details [2w040716]
TMS F305 Telugu good back ground family is seeking a groom for their well-mannered daughter 5 '4”, 32 years doing final year surgery residency in Osmania medical college. Her both brothers are settled in US as physicians. Looking for a doctor or engineer who is a well settled citizen in USA/Canada/UK[2w040516]
TMS F304

US settled Kamma family invites alliance for their US citizen daughter, 26 yrs, 5'5''tall . She is currently in 2nd year internal medicine residency. Looking for Kamma US groom Doctor /Medical Residents only. Please contact with profile and pictures [2w040516]
TMS F303 Telugu parents are looking for suitable grooms for Physician daughters 38/5’ and 35/5’4”.  Prefer Doctors/Dentists/Lawyers. Citizens only. Please send bio-data with picture   [5w100116]
TMS F302

[TMS F302] US settled Kamma parents invite alliance for their 27 yrs, 5'7" tall fair and beautiful daughter, US citizen doing her first year residency in Internal Medicine. Looking for a good looking handsome Kamma groom Doctor / MS / MBA with family values age between 27-30 yrs. Please contact with bio data and pictures. [2w033116]
TMS F301

[TMS F301] Well settled US Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their very fair, slim and beautiful daughter 28 yrs, 5'5" tall, born and brought up in the US. She speaks fluent Telugu and is currently doing her 2nd year Cardiology Fellowship after completing her residency in Internal Medicine.  We are looking for a US groom between 28-32 years, preferably a Physician or an Engineer with a Master’s degree or above. Interested persons can reach us at [2w030116]
TMS F293 Telugu Kamma parents are seeking alliance for their fair, attractive and Telugu speaking daughter (US Citizen), 5'4", 24 years, US raised & educated. First year residency in Internal Medicine (top university). Parents are seeking alliance from well educated professionals raised in US with good family values (Physician or doing residency) preferred.  However, other successful professionals with good family background may also contact. Please contact with pictures and bio-data [2W110115]
TMS F250 Telugu family seeks a US born/raised professional groom for their 34 year old daughter.  She is a US born/raised Physician in Pennsylvania and is 5'5", slim,smart, pretty and friendly.  Please contact us with details at  [2W050116]
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TMS M625 Kamma sister invite alliance for her brother- 28 year old 5'9" pursued BS-Bachelors in Computer Science in the US, working as a Software Engineer. He is very responsible & hard working to achieve career goals. We are looking for a well-mannered, settled in the US bride.  Please contact: [0w090116]
TMS M624 Telugu Kamma parents seek alliance for their son 26,6',very fair and handsome, permanent resident acquiring citizenship in few months, born and raised in India with good family values. He is doing second year residency in Internal Medicine. He is looking for fair and beautiful girl doing/starting residency belonging to similar community. Girl can be from US/India. Please contact: [2w070116]
TMS M623 Telugu successful entrepreneur and well settled businessman, fair, 41-yr, 5'6'' tall, U.S Citizen born & brought up in Andhra is seeking an alliance. Legally divorced recently. Living in Virginia from past 15 years, Caste is Yadav. Masters in Computer Science. Looking for someone who is currently living in U.S. Age 30-40 yrs. Caste no bar.  Email:
TMS M622

[TMS M622] Telugu Kamma parents invite alliance for their physician son, 32 yrs, 6'.1"; born, raised and educated in US, currently doing second year residency in emergency medicine in New York city. He is raised with good Indian and family values, is caring, adventurous and responsible. Contact 503-579-2163 or email. Caste  no bar[2w040115]
TMS M621 Looking for an alliance for 33-year-old, 6'0'' tall, fair, and athletic build Telugu boy. He comes from a large and highly-respected family (many of them are in the US). He has good family values and progressive career goals. He has completed MBA and MS Info Sys in the USA. Currently on a student visa (having immigration issue) & working as a lead analyst of software development for a medical devices client. Looking for a well-mannered and educated Telugu girl with U.S citizenship or PR. [2w032316]