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TMS F376 Well settled Telugu affluent parents from India with traditional values are seeking alliance for their daughter, who has done her Bachelor’s degree from Chennai and is working as a Senior Support Engineer in JP Morgan, Hyderabad. Parents are looking for well-educated, friendly and US settled groom from Kamma family.  Please reach out Venkata Raghavendra Rao Kolli (KVR) , Mobile 678-446-6443 ; [2w081519]
TMS F375 Well settled Kamma Parents from USA seeking alliance for their daughter, 23 yrs old. She is fair, 5'5" with master's degree and working in Southern part of USA. She has brought up in USA with strong family values. Looking for Professional Kamma Groom, US citizen between 24-27 yrs with strong family values. If interested, please contact with details [0w080519]
TMS F374 Well settled telugu Parents from India of upper middle class and affluent with traditional values are seeking alliance for their 26 years,5’ 4”daughter, who has done Masters degree from Colombia university in New York ,Bachelors degree from DAIICT, Gandhinagar,GUJARAT,INDIA and is working as a hardware professional in Qualcomm, San Diego. Mother (M. Pharm,Ph.D) is Kamma and father ( is Arya Vysya. Parents are looking for 27-30 years, well-educated, friendly and US settled groom from Kamma family.; 9848391954 (mobile) [2w071819]
TMS F373 Telugu parents seeking alliance for their US born daughter, 29, completed MD, currently doing residency in CA. Looking for a well-qualified boy, born and raised in the US. If interested please contact, for further details. [2w061519]
TMS F372 Telugu Kamma parents are seeking alliance for their daughter , 29 year, 5'9 tall working as a computer system Analyst at Ernst & Young. She is simple and an attractive girl with good family and ethical values. She completed her Masters in Computer Science in USA. Parents are looking for a qualified boy with good ethical values. For further information please contact USA( sister contact number): 2176912261/ India(Father contact #) : +91 93933489014.
TMS F370 Telugu family seeks a US citizen groom for their 38 year old daughter, born and raised in the US. She is a physician and is smart, pretty, and friendly. Please contact us with details at [2w042019]
TMS F369 Well settled US Telugu Brahmin parents are seeking alliance for their daughter, 27 years, who has done her MD and currently doing her second year residency in Pediatrics.  She is fair and beautiful, Height 5’4”.  She is educated and brought up in the US. She speaks Telugu fluently and is a strict vegetarian.  Parents are looking for Telugu Brahmin, Vegetarian, US groom doctor between 28-31 years, brought up and educated in the US.  If interested please contact [0w040119]
TMS F368

Well-settled Kamma parents invite alliance for their daughter, 32 years, 5'4" tall, finance professional with an MBA, with good family values, fair complexion and friendly deposition. She was born in India, but raised in several countries due to parents job as a senior diplomat posted abroad; residing in US over 14 years. Parents are looking for 32-35 years, well-educated, friendly and settled groom. Contact parents.[2w040119]
TMS F367 Telugu parents are seeking a suitable alliance for their daughter, 28 , born and raised in US, in second year of residency. She is simple, attractive with a good blend of Indian family values and American upbringing. Looking for well qualified boys/Physicians,28-31, born and raised in the US with good family values. Please contact [2w021519]
TMS F366 Well settled US Velama parents are seeking alliance for their physician daughter, 31 yrs, slim, very fair and beautiful. Height 5'4". She is born and brought up in the US with strong family values. She lives in Chicago and works as a Hospitalist. Parents are looking for physicians or any well settled professionals between 30-35 yrs, Caste no bar. Please email [2w020819]
TMS F365

Well settled Telugu sister in Bay Area, CA, US is seeking alliance for her 38-year-old sister, who is a Software Professional working in Oracle Corporation, beautiful, slim, brought up with moral and ethical values, divorcee, no kids. She has an H1B visa, 10 years of visiting visa. Currently working in Hyderabad, planning to settle in the US. The prospective groom shall be between ages 38 and 45, Divorcee, Widower. For complete information please contact or e-mail,

 650-996-8560 [2w020119]
TMS F361 Telugu parents are seeking alliance for their daughter working in US (Software) 49yrs , 5'5", fair, young looking, MS (USA) Telugu speaking, divorcee no kids, without any encumbrances and is living in US on (Green Card). Can relocate. Looking for Professional in US. Caste no bar [6w120118]
TMS F364 Well settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their daughter, 31yrs, slim, very fair and beautiful. She is born and brought up in the US with strong family values and speaks Telugu fluently. She has completed Cardiology fellowship and currently is in 2nd year Cardiac Electrophysiology fellowship. We are looking for physicians or engineers with Masters degree or above and between 31-35 yrs, caste no bar.  Please contact at 512-965-9482 or email [2w011019]
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Well settled US Kamma parents seeking alliance for their son born on January 1990, 5'8" US citizen. He finishes his MD and is currently doing his second year residency in Internal Medicine. Looking for a physician girl, born and raised or staying in the US. If you are interested, please contact at or 913-305-0595 [2w112419]
TMS M646 Well Settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their good-looking son born on Sep-26-1993, 5’8’’ US citizen. He was born in India and raised in US from 8th year with strong family values, speaks Telugu at home. He is highly accomplished, career oriented hard-working person and also, he is supportive and more responsible. He finished Pharm D and Fellowship in Medical Affairs and now working as a Manager in Alnylam Biotech company. Looking for beautiful Kamma well-educated and career oriented bride raised in US [2w110719]
TMS M645

Hindu Brahmin parents from India seeking alliance for their 35 year old well settled, 5’7”, fair divorced US citizen son, staying in Maryland.  They are seeking alliance from Brahmin family, previously unmarried girl with good values around the age of 30 years. For full details contact     / (91+9848378021 / 1+ 5712744745).[2w071819]
TMS M643 Telugu Brahmin, vegetarian parents settled in Midwest, looking for lovely bride for 34 year old 6’2” fair and handsome physician son born and bought up in U.S.  Prefer a girl settled in U.S and in medical field. Please contact parents with details at [2w042219] mapellikoduku@gmail
TMS M642

Parents from Telugu Kapu community invite a US citizen alliance for their elder son. He is 41 yrs, 5'11", wheatish and handsome. Has a Bachelors in CS with a long career in Oracle Business Intelligence technologies, including stateside experience in Seattle and California. Parents wish to settle him in the US where his US citizen brother is well settled in the Bay Area. Looking for family-oriented Telugu girls (US citizen) between 35 & 40. Caste no bar. Currently working in Mumbai.