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Jayaram Komati elected as the next Executive Vice President

Dr. Hanumaiah Bandla, President TANA in a press statement informed that TANA Election process for 2007-2009 has completed. He expressed his sincere thanks to Election Committee Chair Dr. Umapathi Reddy and his team members Shyam Aribindi and Azad Sunkavalli for conducting elections in a very fair and transparent manner.

Dr. Bandla congratulated all winners and members who actively participated in the process to elect future leadership of TANA in a true democratic way. He also thanked all candidates who came forward to serve TANA with strong credentials and commitment.

“Irrespective of the election outcome, it is the time now to work as a team to win minds and hearts of people and to take the organization to greater heights”. Dr. Bandla said

Jayaram Komati got 2,877 votes and declared elected as President Elect over Ranakumar Nadella.
Ranakumar Nadella got 1,926 votes.

Mohan Nannapaneni got 3,119 votes and declared elected as Treasurer over Harnath Doddapaneni.
Harnath Doddapaneni got 1,615 votes.

Lakshminarayana Surapaneni got 86 votes and declared elected as Canada Regional VP over Bezawada Suryanarayana.
Bezawada Suryanarayana got 46 votes.

Rateesh Adusumalli got 257 votes and declared elected as Southeast Regional VP over Satyanarayana Vadlamudi.
Satyanarayana Vadlamudi got 185 votes.

Vidyasagar Maramreddy got 581 votes and declared elected as North Regional VP over Ramakrishna Koganti.
Ramakrishna Koganti got 467 votes.

The following people participated in this year’s elections got elected unanimously for their respective positions:

Prasad Thotakura – Secretary;
Ram Yalamanchili as Joint Secretary;
Satish Vemana as Joint Treasurer;
Saroja Sagarm as EST Region VP;
Venkataramana Yarlagadda as Midwest Regional VP;
Vasudeva Reddy as Northeast regional VP;
Subbarao Yalamanchili as Southwest Regional VP; and
Veeru Vuppala as West Regional VP.

Chowdary Jampala as Trustee
Ravi Koneru as Trustee
Venkata Rao Mulpuri as Trustee
Hemaprasad Yadla as Trustee and
Prasad Chukkapalli as Trustee

Lokeswara Rao Edara as Foundation Member
Sudhir Guthikonda as Foundation Member
Rao Nallamala as Foundation Member
Venkat Veerisetty as Foundation Member
Prasad Yalamanchi as Foundation Member

The New Leadership of TANA from July 2007- July 2009 will look like this.

President – Prabhakar Choudary Kakarala
President Elect – Jayaram Komati
Secretary – Prasad Thotakura
Treasurer – Mohan Nannapaneni
Joint Secretary – Ram Yalamanchili
Joint Treasurer – Satish Vemana
Immediate Past-President – Hanumaiah Bandla

Regional Vice Presidents:

East: Saroja Sagaram
North: Vidyasagar Maramreddy
Northeast: Vasudeva Reddy
Midwest: Venkata Ramana Yarlagadda
Southwest: Subbarao Yalamanchili
Southeast: Rateesh Adusumalli
West: Veerendra Vuppala