Elections 2017

Here are the official results from TANA 2017 elections.
Approved list of eligible members to participate in the election: 30,497
Total number of valid ballots received from voters (counted): 17,601

TANA 2017 Election Results

Director - Non-Donor (2 Positions) 

Nagendra Srinivas Kodali           - 13,075 (Elected)
Jagadish Prabhala                     - 11,197 (Elected)
Venkata Ramana Yarlagadda          - 6,555

Executive Vice-President 
Sreenivasa Gogineni                     - 3,790
Jay Talluri                                  - 13,610 (Elected)

Bhakta Balla                               - 6,004
Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu              - 11,346 (Elected)

Regional Coordinator - Appalachian 
Kumar A. Neppalli                         - 400
Mallikarjuna Vemana                  - 691 (Elected)

Regional Coordinator - New England 

Viswanath Nayunipati                  - 1,000 (Elected)
Srinivas Yenduri                              - 951

Regional Coordinator - South East 
Kiran Gogineni                                - 1,397
Bharath Maddineni                       - 2,538 (Elected)

Following candidates elected unopposed:

Director - Donor (1 Position) 
Harish Koya 

TANA Foundation Trustee - Donor (2 Positions) 
Srinivasa Rao Mandava 
Sasi Kanth Vallipalli 

TANA Foundation Trustee - Non-Donor (4 Positions) 
Hema Chandra Sekhar Kanuru
Ravi Mandalapu 
Niranjan Srungavarapu 
Sivaram Yarlagadda 

Ravi Potluri 

Sreekanth Doddapaneni 

 Ashok Babu Kolla 

Community Services Coordinator
Sateesh Vemuri 

Cultural Services Coordinator 
Rajesh Adusumilli 

Councilor At Large 
Vinoz Chanumolu 

Women's Services Coordinator 
Laxmi Devineni 

Regional Coordinator- Canada 
Laxmi Narayana Surapaneni 

Regional Coordinator - Capital 
Raghudeep Meka 

Regional Coordinator - Mid Atlantic 
Nagaraju Nalajula 

Regional Coordinator - Midwest 
Harish Kolasani 

Regional Coordinator - New York 
Vidya Garapati 

Regional Coordinator - North
Sunil Pantra 

Regional Coordinator - North Central 
Rajendra Prasad Losetty 

Regional Coordinator - North West 
Chandrika Nimmagadda 

Regional Coordinator - Ohio Valley 
Srinivas Sanga 

Regional Coordinator - Rocky Mountain 
Vijay Kommineni 

Regional Coordinator - South Central 
Seshu Babu Enturi 

Regional Coordinator - South West 
Sugan Chagarlamudi 

Regional Coordinator - West 
Madhu Ravella 


Sateesh Chilukuri
Chairperson, TANA Nominations & Elections Committee 



Announcement & Schedule of Elections

Conducted ByTANA Nominations/ Elections Committee

Chairman:      Sateesh Chilukuri
Members:       Dr Venkateswara Rao Kata, Visala Maddipati                     

By authorization of TANA Board of Directors, the TANA Nominations and Elections  (N/E) Committee will be conducting the TANA organizational elections for the 2017-2019 term for the Executive Committee and 2017-2021 term for the Board of Directors and the TANA Foundation.    The N/E Committee requests all members to cooperate in this effort and make the election process an enjoyable experience. 


Board of Directors

Three (3) open positions as follows; four year term (2017-2021)
Non-Donor Director: Two (2) positions
Donor Director: One (1) position

Executive Committee: Twenty Five (25) positions as follows; two year term (2017-2019)      

Executive Vice President
Joint Secretary
Joint Treasurer
Community Services Coordinator
Cultural Services Coordinator
omen Services Coordinator
Councilor At Large
Regional Coordinator  - Canada
Regional Coordinator  - New England
Regional Coordinator  - New York
Regional Coordinator  - Mid-Atlantic
Regional Coordinator  - Capital
Regional Coordinator  - Appalachian
Regional Coordinator  - Southeast
Regional Coordinator  - North
Regional Coordinator  - Ohio Valley
Regional Coordinator  - Midwest
Regional Coordinator  - North Central
Regional Coordinator  - South Central
Regional Coordinator  - Southwest
Regional Coordinator  - West
Regional Coordinator  - Northwest
Regional Coordinator  - Rocky Mountains
(Please see bylaws for the states/ territories included in each region)

Foundation:  Six (6) open positions as follows; four year term (2017-2021)

Foundation Trustee: Four (4) positions
Foundation Donor Trustee: Two (2) positions


Last date for receipt of nominations:                           Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Approval of nominations/notification to candidates:  Saturday, February 25, 2017

Last date for withdrawal of nominations:                      Friday, March 03, 2017
Publication/notification of final list of Nominations:    Monday, March 6, 2017

Ballot mailing by USPS 1st class                                    Monday, March 20, 2017

Last date by which ballots must be received                 Friday, April 21 2017
Ballot Counting                                                                 Saturday, April 22, 2017

Certification/ Publication of election results                  Sunday, April 23, 2017


Executive Vice President              US $5,000

Regional Coordinator                   US $1,500

All other Positions                       US $2,500

Nomination fee will be refunded in full if nomination is rejected by the Nominations/ Elections Committee.  Only 50% of the nomination fee will be refunded in case of voluntary withdrawal by the Nominee.

Nomination Form, Election Guidelines and other information about the elections will be made available at our web site by February 10, 2017.

Sateesh Chilukuri, Chairman
Election\Nomination Committee